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The School of Merkos is an Italian Jewish school.
Inspired by the biblical saying, "Train a lad in the way he ought to go; He will not swerve from it even in old age" (Prov. 22:6), we strive to provide our students with a solid Jewish education while keeping in harmony with the Italian environment. Our ultimate goal is to form  balanced adults, both from a human perspective and from a religious point of view.

Officially recognised

Based in Via delle Forze Armate 61, Milan, the school comprises a Nursery unit (Nido d’Infanzia) which operates in agreement with the City Council, a Pre-School Unit (Scuola dell'Infanzia), a Primary School (Scuola Primaria) and a Secondary School (Scuola Media), all officially recognised.

Israeli diploma included

In April 2014 the Israeli Ministry of Education recognised our Liceo Joe Nahmad "Bagrut" project, launched as a pilot project in 2011. Under this new partnership, our students can now officially attend the Bagrut exams at the Merkos School in Milan and obtain the Bagrut national Israeli diploma in Italy.

School offering:


Enrolment for 2019/20 is now open.

For information, please write to segreteria@merkos.it


The Fiorellini Abraham Aba Rosen class caters for six-month to tree-year-old children, providing an environment where traditional Jewish values and customs are combined with the respect of other cultures and of current regulations.

As they turn three, children move to the Pre-School Unit (Scuola d'Infanzia),which works in close cooperation with the Nursery (Nido) in order to ensure continuity. Through constant interaction, teachers of both classes guarantee a smooth transition and a serene start of the new level.

In recent years, we have been offering two-and-a-half-year-olds the chance to attend the Primavera(Spring) class, a dedicated programme which accommodates up to 15 children.While functioning as a sort of extension of the Nursery, this programme is actually"within" the Pre-School Unit, and acts as a link between the twolevels. This ensures that the particular characteristics of children in this age group are fully taken into account, both from an emotional and from a cognitive prospective.

Early Years Unit

As you enter the Early Years Unit you will find it impossible not to smile, regardless of your mood! The teachers' warm welcoming, the background music, the vibrant colours and the stimulating learning-through-play approach make it an ideal place for all children.

This class provides a serene environment for children to explore, learn and experience nature and the seasons, marked by the passing holidays and the stories of the Parasha, while developing a love for the Torah and for the land and the peopleof Israel.
In this delicate stage of children's development, particular attention is paidto individual learning times and capabilities.

Primary School

Our Primary School is filled with joy, curiosity towards everything new, drive to learn and deep love of the Torah, the land of Israel and the society; a place where pupils are in harmony withone another. All this is achieved through the on going effort of our teachers, who are constantly committed to improve the children's quality of life.

Great emphasis is placed on extra curricular activities, which promote interaction amongst children while encouraging them to express their individual talents. For this reason, we organize study contests, literature and art competitions, schoolplays, dances, choirs, school trips, Shabbat and after Shabbat meetings. As aresult, the school is not experienced as a place of obligations, but as one forgrowth – providing a joyous, positive and supportive environment where studentslearn to face the challenges of life.

Middle School

Our Middle School has developed from a previous set of program and courses, which had been designed to prepare students to the Italian Secondary School Examination. Since the late '50s, the education system of the Merkos School of Milan has under gone a number of internal changes and acquired an increasingly more academic approach –  also in compliance with the changing Italian regulations.

Spread over three floors (ground, first and second floor), our Middle School includes six classrooms, laboratories and a gym.

Students can also make use of the spacious inner garden with football pitch.

Theschool's current status of Scuola Paritaria (officially recognized) means that we can provide our students with the highest level of education services, while keeping up with the legally and culturally evolving Italian school system. Our Middle School has the following objectives:

- to welcome all children from families keen to learn and experience Jewish culture and religion, offering them an environment where Jewishness "meets"other cultures

- to offer a systematic education path to observant Jewish families wishing to combine  observance of Italian laws with preserving and nurturing their identity as Jews.

High School

Based inVia Forze Armate 61, our High School offers a serene environment where femalestudents are encouraged to acquire a high level of knowledge, while ensuringthat ongoing attention is paid to them and their families.  

Delivered by qualified teachers in compliance with the curricular requirements outlined by the Italian New High School Reform, courses also include a comprehensive Torah studies program, on the same level as top schools in Israel and the United States.
During the course of the academic year, students usually take a study period abroad through the Merkos Schools international network.

In April 2014 the Israeli Ministry of Education recognizìsed the "Bagrut"project, launched by Merkos as a pilot project in 2011. Under this newpartnership, our students can now officially attend the Bagrut exams (NationalIsraeli High School Diploma) at the Merkos School in Milan and obtain the Bagrut national Israeli diploma inItaly.

For info please contact segreteria@merkos.it


The School also provides

School Bus

Our school offers a school bus service, available on request to pupils living far from the school. Young children travel in child seats andare accompanied by a responsible adult.

School meals

Since January 2014 the school operates its own Kosher kitchen on-site, supervised by Rabbi Avraham Hazan.

Talmud Torah

Talmud Torah lessons take place every Sunday from 10.30 to 13.00 at our school. The courses are designed for children aged 6 to 13 – who are assigned to a group according to their age and level of knowledge – and are delivered by the school morot (teachers) and by female seminary students. The Talmud Torah is also open to external students

Summer Camp

La Scuola del Merkos runs a Summer Camp every year, aimed at children attending the Pre-School Unit and the Primary School. Running from the last week of June and almost to the end of July, the Summer Camp caters for boys and girls studying at Merkos and in different schools, and provides a rich program of fun, recreational and sport activities. We believe in welcoming and integrating, in the utmost respect of all identities. Our objective is to create an environment that fosters open dialogue and exchange between our students and other boys and girls living in the area ("Zona7"). We would like to show some aspects of Jewish life, including our main prayers, some rituals, dietary habits, the sayings of our Sages and the words we say most frequently.

School Offering (in Italian)

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